Digital Mammography System

Digital Mammography System

Digital Mammography System


Payamed with nearly 20 years of experience as a manufacturer and supplier of medical imaging equipment, is the first and the only independent manufacturer of high frequency mammography devices in Iran and in the Middle East and has more than 450 installed devices throughout Iran.

The most advanced technology is used in the production of this device to achieve the best image quality. Images obtained from this device are automatically optimized by the software to assure the physician that the most detailed image is displayed.

  • Full motorized stand and arm
  • Auto positioning in CC, OBL (left & right) and LAT rotation
  • Force and distance digital display with exact control
  • Auto release
  • Local compression
  • Force and distance digital display with exact control
  • Motorized movement with automatic stop
  • Automatic release at the end of exposures
  • Local compressor and optional biopsy paddles
  • Full microprocessor controlled
  • Touch keyboard with LED display
  • Safeties for filament ignition, anode Rotation ,tube head over heating, Overload,over current, over voltage
  • Single phase 220VAC main supply
  • 5KVA rated power
  • Automatic line compensation

Radiographic Stand

  • Digitally controlled C-arm
  • 65cm focus/film distance

X-Ray Tube

  • Focal points: 0.1/0.3mm
  • Rotating anode Molybdenum / Tungsten, 300KHU


  • Standard 24x30 Detector size
  • High quality grid
  • Fiber interspaced
  • Patient support plate: Carbon fiber

 Flat panel detector

  • High DQE , high MTF , high contrast
  •  85µm pixel pitch
  • 10M pixels 
  • Sensitive area 30X24 Cm 

Radiological features

  • Parameter accuracy: Kv 1%, mAs 0.5%
  • Automatic focus selection
  • Automatic Optimization of Parameters AEC
  • Programmable memory

Software & Imaging System

  • DICOM3 output with PACS & RIS/HIS facilities
  • All DICOM facilities such as DICOM Print,Worklist,Storage and etc.
  • Image rotation, flip and addable labels
  • Image storage includes viewer software on USB & DVD
  • 1TB Hard disk with an individual Graphic card
  •  Medical LCD Monitor


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