Digital Fluoroscopy System

Digital Fluoroscopy System

Digital Fluoroscopy System


STEPHANIX is a French manufacturer of radiological equipment, from conventional to direct digital, from mobile X-ray units and general radiography systems to digital remote controlled tables with flat panel detectors.

Stephanix designs and develops imaging systems that offer reliable and high performance diagnostic imaging tools for health.

Stephanix sales and technical support teams provide customers with a guarantee of extensive experience, peerless quality and the STEPHANIX commitment to service worldwide.

STEPHANIX rapid growth is due to the choice of the best technologies, to the quality of its products and above all to a particularly strong team spirit.


D²RS : Digital Dynamic Remote System

3-in-1, 100% digital solution : fluoroscopy, radiography and direct exposures with only one system.

The latest dynamic remote controlled table integrates the whole expertise of STEPHANIX in terms of ease of use, design and efficiency.

  • Autopositioning function regarding the APR chosen
  • Real back access
  • Image quality at the lower dose
  • Stitching
  • DSA
  • Tomosythesis
  • Robustness

Remote controlled table

  • The main console that includes all the controls for the remote table, the touch screen interface with generator, with camera and with acquisition console for auto-positioning
  • Motorized variable height
  • Motorized longitudinal movement
  • Motorized lateral movement 
  • Motorized Source-Image Distance
  • Motorized collimator

Main Control Console

Soft keys and joysticks make controls, LCD touch screen permits to select table & generator parameters, to display system information and video images.

High frequency generator

The generator is made of an electronic cabinet including HV tank, generator application software is integrated in table console. The generator is microprocessor controlled and uses the Inverter technology with IGBT circuits (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor).

X-ray Tube

  • Loading ratings, cooling ratings, starting voltages, starting times, maximum current limitation
  • The electronic calculation of load by software indicates limits to the tube with message and forbids x-ray emission
  • Housing temperature control and display of available Heat Units in %
  • Overheated IGBTs detection
  • Housing oil pressure control in series with x-ray tube heat safety

Flat Panel Detector 

D²RS remote controlled table is fitted with Flat Panel digital system that includes one acquisition console and one Flat Panel Detector in Amorphous silicon with Cesium Iodide scintillator. Its format to capture images in radiography and radioscopy offers exceptional wide range of procedures.


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