Floor Mounted Digital Radiography(Single Detector)

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Floor Mounted Digital Radiography(Single Detector)

Floor Mounted Digital Radiography(Single Detector)


The Single Detector Floor mounted radiographic system DRX-FL is a compact system with a mobile table and a tube stand. It allows, with an absolute mobility and friendly-use, the obtaining of x-rays from any part of the body in any position of the patient, with vertical, horizontal and angled projections.

The system has been designed focusing on flexibility and friendly use, and it can also be configured depending on your exact clinical requirements. Including: chest, spine, abdominal, urological studies.

This system is very suitable for clinics, imaging centers and small hospitals. it can be upgraded to a full dual detector floor mounted system whenever end user need.

TRIXELL flat panel:

Trixell is a joint-venture company committed to the development and production of X-ray flat panel digital detectors covering a wide range of medical applications in radiology.

Its three parent companies, Thales Electron Devices (51%), Philips Healthcare (24.5%) and Siemens Healthcare (24.5%), bring their complementary skills to Trixell.

As the #1 worldwide supplier of large-format digital detectors for general radiography, fluoroscopy and cardiovascular, Trixell is a well-recognized member of the high-tech medical imaging industry.

Trixell's range of platform-based detectors allow greater flexibility across a wide variety of applications. Furthermore, Trixell's technology has become the market standard, guaranteeing the best image quality along with unrivalled dose reduction for the patient.




  • Floor Mounted Tube Stand Radiographic System (SYFM)
  • Manual Collimator with laser beam
  • HT Cables 
  • X-ray Generator, 65kW, 150 kVp, 800mA Digital Interface
  • X-ray Tube, 150 kVp, 0.6-2 mm, 300 KHU
  • TRIXELL Flat Panel Detector
  • Dose Area Product (DAP)
  • Automatic Exposure Control (AEC)
  • Mobile Patient Table (SYFM)
  • Tilting Bucky Stand (SYFM)
  • Acquisition Workstation 


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