Digital Mobile Radiology

Digital Mobile Radiology

Digital Mobile Radiology


Digital mobile system incorporates a digital system of direct acquisition DR, with different options for flat panels with image transmission by cable or wireless (WI-FI).

Positioning extremely versatile for a wide range of imaging studies, lightweight design with a large field of image area, an area large enough to perform imaging studies of chest or abdomen.

The integrated touch console, digital acquisition and control generator allows the selection of the radiographic parameters, and fast acquisition, postprocessing, revision and transmission of digital images from a single control.

  • Counter-balanced telescopic tube column provides effortless positioning, without draining the battery
  • Lead crystal batteries retain power longer than acid batteries for less frequent recharging
  • Patented wireless distributed antennae system can increase wireless range 40% over single access point systems
  • Secondary drive controls on the collimator handles allow positioning without the need to return to the main console
  • Collimator features an LED bulb, laser alignment markers for SID accuracy, and selectable copper filtration
  • The battery sets charge through a standard power outlet and can be used while charging, avoiding downtime
  • Dual battery configuration allows for distributed power to the drive motors, as well as the generator

Pressure Sensitive Moving System (Patented),

Two Independent Motors one for each wheel (Forward and Backward movements),

Excellent mobility with large rear Wheels for easy transportation even over small obstacles,

Anti-Collision System,

Easy access to any elevator, hall-way, doors and patient bed-side,

Quick and sturdy Breaking Control System, when the Operator releases the Handle,

Emergency Stop push Button, clearly accessible, 

User Friendly Touch-Screen Control Panel, 

Cabinet for detector easily accessible, 

Retractable Ethernet Spool, 

Counterbalanced Tube-arm, 

Electromagnetic breaks that can be released from the Collimator and Front Handle


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