Ceiling Suspension Digital Radiography

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Ceiling Suspension Digital Radiography

Ceiling Suspension Digital Radiography


The ceiling suspension radiographic system DRX-CS is designed to give the maximum flexibility and clinic productivity, having a great range of possible studies. It allows, with an absolute mobility and friendly-use, the obtaining of x-rays from any part of the body in any position of the patient, with vertical, horizontal and angled projections.

The total integrated system combines modern technology of the X-ray generator of high frequency with the Trixell Flat panel technology for Direct Digital Acquisition, all made to give the system a friendly use for the operator and easy positioning of the patient.

TRIXELL flat panel:

Trixell is a joint-venture company committed to the development and production of X-ray flat panel digital detectors covering a wide range of medical applications in radiology.

Its three parent companies, Thales Electron Devices (51%), Philips Healthcare (24.5%) and Siemens Healthcare (24.5%), bring their complementary skills to Trixell.

As the #1 worldwide supplier of large-format digital detectors for general radiography, fluoroscopy and cardiovascular, Trixell is a well-recognized member of the high-tech medical imaging industry.

Trixell's range of platform-based detectors allow greater flexibility across a wide variety of applications. Furthermore, Trixell's technology has become the market standard, guaranteeing the best image quality along with unrivalled dose reduction for the patient.



  • Ceiling suspension System with Autotracking and Autosync(SYFM)
  • 6 Ways floating top Elevating table with carbon fiber cover(SYFM)
  • Wall Bucky stand(SYFM)
  • Collimator with laser beam
  • HT Cables 20 Meters
  • X-ray Generator(80kw, 65kw, 50kw), 150 kVp, Digital Interface, AEC 
  • High Speed Starter for one X-ray tube
  • X-ray Tube Toshiba  150 kVp, 0.6-1.2 mm, (300KHU, 400 KHU, 600KHU) 
  • TRIXELL FLAT Panel Detector
  • DAP, Vacudap
  • AEC (Automatic Exposure Control)
  •  Acqusition Workstation


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