Upgrade to Digital Radiography

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Upgrade to Digital Radiography

Upgrade to Digital Radiography


Trixell is a joint-venture company committed to the development and production of X-ray flat panel digital detectors covering a wide range of medical applications in radiology.

Its three parent companies, Thales Electron Devices (51%), Philips Healthcare (24.5%) and Siemens Healthcare (24.5%), bring their complementary skills to Trixell.

As the #1 worldwide supplier of large-format digital detectors for general radiography, fluoroscopy and cardiovascular, Trixell is a well-recognized member of the high-tech medical imaging industry.

Trixell's range of platform-based detectors allow greater flexibility across a wide variety of applications. Furthermore, Trixell's technology has become the market standard, guaranteeing the best image quality along with unrivalled dose reduction for the patient.




Benefits of Trixell's digital flat panel detectors:

  • Productivity 
    • Immediate image
    • No film processing
    • No retakes or call-backs
    • Improved workflow
  •  Network access 
    • Image distribution
    • Image storage
  • Improved diagnostic 
    • Image processing
    • No image distortion
    • Reduction of X-ray dose

Bringing the benefits of digital technology to manufacturers and radiologists

Digital technology is substantially boosting the productivity of new-generation X-ray systems. By generating a real-time digital image, Trixell detectors offer cost savings, faster image processing, easier integration of X-ray systems in transmission and management networks. The exceptional dynamic range of the detectors ensures a high-quality picture in a single exposure, and a greater diagnostic accuracy with shorter waiting time for patients.

Trixell's flat panel digital detectors are designed to provide substantial improvements over conventional solutions: real-time, high-quality images, reliability and a low dose.


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