Hy-Scan Phosphor Plate Scanner

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Hy-Scan Phosphor Plate Scanner

Hy-Scan Phosphor Plate Scanner


MyRay is a worldwide name in image-assisted diagnostics, a brand that has earned the trust of dental professionals and radiologists all over the world.The product range, each with specific technological innovations aimed at enhancing the in-surgery work experience. 

Outstanding digital imaging quality combined with the practicality and affordability of traditional film The Hy-Scan phosphor plate scanner provides the perfect balance between technology and tradition. A compact, fast, simple device to use, which produces high resolution intraoral images for always-reliable diagnosis. The thin, ergonomic plates are easy to position, the entire surface is active and they offer maximum patient comfort.

Ergonomics and Simple Installation

Hy-Scan can be installed horizontally on the top or wall-mounted vertically.

Touch-Free Acquisition

The touch-free scanner loading system automatically recognises the size of the plate and carries out the scan in just a few seconds.

High-Sensitivity Flexible Plates

Thin and flexible, wireless like a film, 100% of area is active, no positioning limits.

Fast Image Display

A high quality image can be imported in just a few seconds. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, Hy-Scan lets users view sharp images extremely quickly, leading to effective diagnosis and better communication with the patient.

Multiple Diagnosis

High quality digital images, perfect for every application (endodontics, prostheses and implant surgery, periodontics), with plates in four sizes: paediatric, periapical, bitewing and long bitewing. It reliably provides the very best high definition images with a resolution of 34 pixel/mm.


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