Hyperion X5 3D/2D CEPH

Hyperion X5 3D/2D CEPH

Hyperion X5 3D/2D CEPH


Myray is a worldwide name in image-assisted diagnostics, a brand that has earned the trust of dental professionals and radiologists all over the world.The product range, each with specific technological innovations aimed at enhancing the in-surgery work experience.


Designed to satisfy your every need

Hyperion X5 is the cutting-edge imaging system that covers your every need. A compact, complete solution that, thanks to outstanding flexibility, boosts your surgery’s diagnostic potential.

Diagnostic flexibility

Flexible, efficient and fast, the 3D/2D system covers most diagnostic requirements with ease. It does so thanks to settings designed to streamline procedures, optimise results and minimise both times and X-ray doses.

All the potential of 3D

Accessing the potential of 3D exams has never been easier or more effective. Thanks to dedicated mechanisms, patient positioning solutions and exclusive automatisms that help ensure a positive outcome with every examination, dentists can exploit the full potential of 3D.

Simply CEPH

Designed to integrate the 2D sensor-equipped arm to perform cephalometric exams, Hyperion X5 is the most versatile system on the market, providing a broad range of examinations covering every possible clinical need.

Focus-free 2D with MRT

The PAN examination uses MRT (Morphology Recognition Technology) and an automatic best focusing selection system. A multi-layer panoramic scan is performed, with automatically optimised exposure and scan times for children and adults.

Cephalometric Examination

The renewed Hyperion X5 Ceph teleradiographic system provides programmes for every diagnostic need. Ultra-high quality images, extremely short scan times and low radiated doses: the very best cephalometric technology, all in the most compact unit the market has to offer.

High Resolution CB3D

HD 3D imaging with ultra-fast, low-dose scans and very high resolution: 80 μm over the complete dentition,together with dedicated FOVs developed to ensure the best imaging at all times. Complete dental diagnosis, including assessment of maxillary sinuses.


Intelligent MultiFOV collimation, from the entire dentition (10x10 cm) to just a small portion (6x6 cm). Users can select, according to diagnostic requirements, between HD (80 μm) or low-dose QuickSCAN (160 μm) protocols.


An advanced 2D image processing system lets users extract and analyse 5 different panoramic images from a single scan. Particularly useful for analysing patients with complex anatomies and/ or virtually correcting postcapture patient positioning.

Quick Scan

Available with both 2D and 3D exams, QuickSCAN protocols minimise scan times and safeguard patient health by reducing X-ray doses.

3D-PAN Sensor

The high-sensitivity 3D sensor is also versatile as it can perform 2D panoramic exams.

Clever Collimation

A servo-controlled primary collimator lets users select the exact X-ray exposure area. The secondary teleradiographic image collimator is integrated in the rotary module, providing both outstanding compactness and easy access.  

Automatic CEPH Collimation

With cephalometric examinations the turret containing the 3D sensor automatically rotates and descends, aligning so its opening-equipped structure creates the collimation suitable for the examination.


Hyperion X5 adapts perfectly to the different examination requirements of adults and children. More specifically, FULL CEPH positioning for children reduces thyroid exposure and prevents sensor-shoulder contact, allowing inclusion, when possible, of the skullcap. 




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