Intraoral X-Ray

Intraoral X-Ray

Intraoral X-Ray


Focus on your patient

FOCUS™ represents intraoral X-ray imaging at its most functional. A practical design, backed by the innovative Anti-Drift Mechanism, ensures stable, stern usability for exacting modern dental care. In essence, FOCUS™ X-ray is the specialist choice for reliable, precise dental diagnostics.

Reliable exposure

Premium components and precise manufacturing guarantee reliable performance year after year. The quality of mechanics and electronics designs used in the FOCUS™ intraoral X-ray are of it’s own class. 

Caring for your patients

Choosing the FOCUS™ X-ray means caring for your patients. As a high-frequency intraoral DC X-ray unit, the FOCUS™ provides an efficient exposure that ensures successful images while keeping patient dose to an absolute minimum. DC is also the preferred choice for digital imaging that requires short and constant radiation.

Precise outcome

Not all intraoral X-ray units are the same. The highly accurate FOCUS™ X-ray generator reaches the desired exposure settings quickly and accurately. This provides a safe exposure and repeatable image quality at all times. The DAP-display (Dose Area Product) allow dose monitoring for individual patients.


ADM (Anti-Drift Mechanism)

The movement stops when you want it to stop – no drifting or re-positioning. This exceptional stability is a result of the ADM (Anti-Drift Mechanism).

Long lasting performance

FOCUS™ X-ray can use maximum X-ray power with high tube current (7mA) at all exposure settings allowing the use of short exposure times. The high anode heat storage capacity translates to long service life of the tube. FOCUS™ X-ray does not need to run even close to its heat capacity in normal use. The FOCUS™ intraoral X-ray can be operated continuously with no interruptions as long as needed.

Pre programmed settings

A very clear and user-friendly remote control makes your work easier. It includes pre-programmed exposure settings for all areas of both adult and pediatric dentitions.


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